Make no mistake about it. Building an insurance agency through the time tested traditional models work. We have decades of data and models to choose from to be able to substantiate that case. There is a great deal of time and expense as well as miles on the road that attest to this.

Traditional agency building had many positive attributes. The single more important one being that you are physically with the people you are talking to you. You get the opportunity to be able to “Size a person up”, under the traditional system. There are few good alternatives to actually being in front of a person and being able to observe them and hear from their lips what they are representing to you.

The traditional system also allows you to gather your sales group together and create synergy and excitement. Nothing quite gets your agents energized and riled up like gathering them into one room and having a good old fashioned rah rah session. They can be fun and productive.

Traditional training allows the trainers to physically run appointments. It affords the trainer to be able to observe and watch a new person going through the appointment process and to make notes. Observing body language is a distinct advantage to the average new person as they keenly take note of a persons body language and eye contact. You get to see the surroundings of the home you may be in or you may be controlling the environment by having your prospect or agent come into your office.

Traditional selling environment is much more different compared to the virtual environment. A nice smile and a warm hand shake may be all that is needed to secure confidence from the prospect you are engaging verse the virtual’s need to continually reinforce the education and convenience factor.

There are many distinct advantages to learning a traditional system. It gives you a great foundation on the sales process and relationship building. Having a traditional system background ground gives you a leg up in learning the virtual system. But learning the virtual system is not hampered without this experience. It only means that your learning process will be different and may take more time.