There are few things more devastating and guaranteed to bring long term suffering and financial devastation than debt. It fools the mind into prosperity, creates the condition of slavery and brings millions upon millions of hard working Americans to their financial knees. The average American’s cost in the financial burden of our collective governmental system is astounding. Let us look at a few stats and let it sick in.

Our nation just passed the largest debt relief package in the history of the united states. The corona virus earthquake forced our elected officials to vote for a 2 trillion dollar package swelling our national debt to a record 24.5 trillion dollars. This means that every single tax-payer in the United States now owes over $197,000.

Its not my purpose to argue the political decisions of the day but rather to show you a parallel mindset that is being mirrored into our collective conscious among citizens personal debt. The sell is that leveraging money is the way to a sustained and comfortable living style. The magic trick is that many in the debt industry including our own government, has created a poison pill with a delicious coated flavoring and many of our citizens have become addicted to it.

Here are some other hard facts:

$37,000 – Amount of student loan debt

$6,817  – Amount of average credit card holder debt

$14,633 – Amount of interest each adult citizen pays annually including businesses and government

$104,000 – The median amount of retirement savings ages 55-64

Why do these numbers matter? Maybe more importantly, am I describing you? Debt can bring financial ruin through the cuts of a thousand knives whittling away at your financial wellness. Debt robs you of your wealth. Let me repeat this. There is a direct relationship between the lack of wealth to your life-long habit of carrying debt. Any dollar you earned that is directed to the payment of interest bearing debt will not go into your wealth pool and earn you money for your future use. Once the money is gone, it is never to return. Never!

Author, speaker and businessman, Dave Ramsey said it best. “You can’t be in debt and win. It doesn’t work.” That’s one simple statement summing up the volume upon volume of publications speaking to debt. It doesn’t work and the sad part is when you finally realize that its not working, it may be to late for you …You guessed it… quickly implement a Debt Free Life (DFL) to save you.

Over the years we have seen many types of programs showing you how to eliminate debt over time. When you stay disciplined and follow their regiment, you can be out of debt within 18-20 which includes the home being paid off. The DFL approach uses many of these same tactics but with a twist that can cut that time in half.

Without changing your current cash flow, within 7-9 years you’ll be completely debt free, create additional non-taxable retirement, a benefit that will pay out cash to you if you become critically or chronically ill or suddenly pass away all guaranteed. This last part is key. Guaranteed. These are the benefits of implementing your own DFL plan for yourself.

We are excited you’re here and look forward to seeing you meet with our DFL representative.