1. Complete your fast track game plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail automatically.

2. Inform your Top 25 people about the FEG/MAS benefits. Work with your recruiting/upline agent to help explain the opportunity to your prospect ASAP.

3. If you are not already licensed, immediately enroll into an insurance prelicensing study course. Choose whether you want to do it online or at a physical location. Be determined to finish it and get your license within the next 30 days.

4. Commit to these goals you set with your recruiting/upline agent who is helping you to achieve your goals.

5. Expose this opportunity to others daily. ACTIVITY SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS.

6. Learn the Show Me the Money Power point presentation.

7. Attend the weekly FEG national conference call every Tuesday. Login to your back office dashboard daily for the new updates, additional training, and to keep your finger on the pulse of your growing team and commissions. Attend the Weekly training webinars on the MAS social media and virtual sales marketing.

8. Attend all local, regional and national FEG red carpet events and conventions. Commit to yourself that you will attend these important events. This will set an example of success fro your team members. Be a student of “personal development” on a daily basis through reading, studying and mastering the selling system.

9. Immediately get your own living benefit/tax-free savings life policy. Nothing speaks commitment and belief in what you do louder than owning what you are asking other people to do.

10. Have it set in your mind that you will be with us a year from now. Plan on attending all the incentive trips. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Persistence is everything. Set the example for you and your team to follow and replicate the process.


1. What are you worth after 5 years with you present job or company? Can you honestly say that is enough? With us, there are not limits.

2. Does our company or job offers products that have the potential of dramatically improving people’s lives with Living Benefits such as Tax-Free income – A guarantee of that income – A guarantee that people won’t lose that money? – A guarantee that money will be available for CHRONIC ILLNESSES or if your are in a NURSING HOME…TAX-FREE?

3. With us, there are no limits! Does your company allow you to work today and continue to be paid for years to come? Wouldn’t that be appealing?

4. Why would you not go out of your way to tell people about these benefits?